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Massage femme enceinte

Pregnant woman massage

Because pregnancy comes with its share of discomfort, having a massage can relieve some of your tension and help your circulation. We use a comfort cushion during your massage to allow you to lay on your stomach as if you were not pregnant. Your lower back will thank you! Session offered: 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

For who

This massage is for...


any woman who is pregnant! Contrary to popular belief, massages can be done as early as the first trimester. You can come for a massage until the day of your delivery.  


Around the 23rd week of pregnancy (or depending on the size of your belly), your massage therapist can use an abdo-comfort cushion that will allow you to lie on your stomach without any problem during your treatment. If ever you are not comfortable, you can lie on your side. The main idea with pregnant women is adaptability! 


Massage for pregnant women will allow

  • better circulation in the legs;

  • a release of tension in the lower back and hips area;

  • reduced stress;

  • a decrease in tensions in general. 

Massage session

Depending of how far along is your pregnancy, the massage therapist will use the comfort cushion. Your massage therapist will check with you if you want to focus on a specific area or if you want a full body massage.

Techniques available

The massage therapist can use different techniques to help you relax:

  • Swedish massage

  • Deep tissues (up to 30 weeks gestation)

  • Cupping (up to 30 weeks of pregnancy)

  • Taping (to help you with your belly weight in the third trimester)

Recommended duration

The recommended duration for this type of massage is 60 minutes. It is possible to book a 90 minute session depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy.

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