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Massage for children

Because our children also experience stress or feel tension. Give them a massage as a gift. Intended for children aged 10 or under. Session offered: 30 minutes or 45 minutes.

For who

This massage is intended for children aged 10 and under. Over ten years old, you have to book for a 60-minute massage.


For children, a mild, unscented massage oil will be used. 

If we think about using other tools like cupping or taping, we will asked for your permission and we will assess your child's comfort level.


Just like their parents, children also feel stress and tensions can be created. Massage can help calm their nervous system. 

Another point that parents think about less often is the impact of growth spurts on their child's body. A sudden and rapid push can create tension on muscles and tendons that will not have had time to adapt. The massage therapist can help the muscles to release the tensions that often cause discomfort in the back and legs

Massage process

The presence of parents is required when we complete the health questionnaire. Ideally, we also ask the parent to be in the room during the massage.

Techniques available

The massage therapist can use different techniques to help your child relax:

  • Swedish massage;

  • deep tissues;

  • Mobilization (soft and progressive movement to gain amplitude);

  • cupping;

  • tapping.

Don't worry, your massage therapist will adapt according to your child's needs during the massage. 

Recommended duration

For a first experience, it is suggested to book a 30-minute massage. If your child has already received a massage and everything went well, you can book for 45 minutes.

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