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Chair massage

Chair massage can be offered in companies or during events. Another use of this technqiue is for people who feel shortness of breath when lying on their stomach and have back pain.  

For who

This massage is for...

  • anyone who experiences difficulty breathing when lying on their stomach;

  • people with reduced mobility, including the elderly;

  • companies that want to offer a moment of relaxation to their employees at their workplace;

  • event organizers who want to offer a relaxing activity to the participants.

Used tools

A massage chair that can be adjusted in terms of height, headrest and armrest.


People who have high blood pressure or who have difficulty breathing on their stomach sometimes prevent themselves from receiving a massage despite the tensions felt in the back, neck and shoulders. Good news, chair massage can be a solution that will allow you to be comfortable and receive a relaxing treatment.

In business, this type of massage allows you to stand out as an employer but also to restore better productivity to your employees.

Massage process

Following the needs assessment, the client sits on the chair and enjoys a moment of relaxation or working on certain tensions.

Techniques available

Depending on your needs or if you are targeting a particular area, the massage therapist will adapt his techniques.

Recommended duration

The duration for this type of massage is 15 to 20 minutes. This treatment can be combined with a table massage for your legs and arms. Call us for more information,

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