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Kinesiology taping treatment with blue and pink tape on athlete patient injured arm. Woman

Sports massage

Sometimes your muscles need to recover following intensive or repeated sports practice. In addition of using therapeutic massage techniques, tools such as cupping or taping can enhance your experience. Session offered: 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes.

For who

This massage is for...


anyone who has practiced a physical activity and feels tension or pain following this physical activity of low to high intensity. It can also help you prepare before a sporting event or recover faster afetr the event.

Used tools

Following the analysis of your situation, various tools can be used:

  • muscle relief cream;

  • magnesium spray on the painful area;

  • vibration pad;

  • cupping;

  • neuro-propriocetive tapping;

  • myofluss.


This type of massage helps your muscles to recover more quickly following the practice of physical activity because:

  • it improves your blood circulation;

  • relaxes your sore muscles;

  • decreases muscle inflammation.

Massage session

A health check and an analysis of your needs will be done.

Thereafter, a session plan will be proposed to you according to what you have established with your massage therapist.

During the treatment, your massage therapist will validate that the pressure used is suitable for you.

Techniques available

The massage therapist can use different techniques during the massage:

  • Swedish or biocorporal massage;

  • Deep tissues;

  • Cupping;

  • Taping;

  • Myofluss; 

  • Flushmassage.

Recommended duration

The ideal duration for this type of massage is 90 minutes but we also offer 60 minutes or 120 minutes.

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