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Massage crânien

Japanese face massage

For who

This massage is for...

  • anyone who experiences tensions in their neck and face;

  • people who want to relax;

  • people who feel stressed out and want to unwind.

Used tools

Only a little bit of oil massage.


Because the muscles of the face are on surface, the massage therapist won't have to apply a lot of pressure to make your muscles relaxe. You will receive a relaxing massage and a therapeutic massage at the same time.

It won't take long for your body and mind to let go. Once you tried the Japanese massage, it might become one of your favorite!

Massage process

You will lay on your back for the whole massage. The massage therapist will focus on your face and neck.

Techniques available

Your massage therapist will use different mouvements and pressure type on your face and neck that will help with your tensions.

Recommended duration

The duration for this type of massage is 60 minutes but it can be included in a 90 minutes massage. Call us for more information,

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